Does a bank only have deposits from other banks and no loans to others? I have the following in my head: At the moment I am at bank x. To ask and only then try again at another bank. You can also ask another bank with a more generous business policy. It is an additional line of credit from another bank, usually a direct bank. Loans: Conducting bank talks correctly: inside recommendations.

Successful credit negotiations! In this volume, an insider tip accompanies you through the cooperation with your bank. Read how to negotiate properly to get a loan and how to avoid trouble with the lender. However, it is equally important to correctly assess the bank’s concerns and develop its own corporate strategy.

You can find out how it works and how to get your loan here

You can find out how it works and how to get your loan here:

How to get your loan through – What upheavals in the financial institutions mean for your home – How to avoid stumbling blocks when working with the financial institutions – The ten largest Entrepreneurs feel guilty and how you can avoid them – Mysterious data collectors: How transparent are you and your entrepreneurship.- EXTRA: Who decides on your loan?

Money supply, bank loans, and economic cycles. Credit institutions or ultimately lead to a general increase in credit expansion, Credit expansion and deposit formation ex Danilo by one person gives ….. 4.6.1 Simultaneous lending by all credit institutions Given the situation that the loss of liquidity, Since each bank suffers at the beginning of the lending process and is ultimately offset by deposits from other credit institutions, the credit institutions are unable to provide the necessary funds.

Only applies to loans

Only applies to loans

Apple Pay smartphone payment service launched in Germany – World Economy Consultant

Germany is still seen as a cash country. In addition to Google, Apple is now launching its smartphone payment service. Four years after the launch of the Apple Pay online payment service in the USA, the service has also been available in Germany since Thursday. With Apple Pay, you can payout in the shop with Apple or the Apple Watch like with a card.

Contactless payment must enable checkout technology – around 820,000 machines in Germany have already been converted. You can also use Apple Pay to make online purchases in a similar way to services such as: B. Google Way. Industry experts assume that the premieres of Apple Pay in Germany will be an important stimulus for the smartphone sector.

Google already presented its Google Pay payment system in July last year. Apple’s partners include the largest bank in Germany, Good Lender’s, as well as banking and financial services company. However, it only offers contactless payments on smartphones with the Android operating system, since they do not have access to the NOK radio chip on the iPhone.

The launch of Apple Pay in Germany was announced by Group CEO Tim Cook in early April for “later in 2018”. Apple’s Pay is currently available in 31 different markets. Apple has already introduced the service in many other European countries – for example in France, Switzerland, and Spain. In this respect, Germany is a very special submarket.

According to an investigation by the Good Lender’s fell below the 50 percent mark in cash for the first time in 2017: Credit card payments are usually made with a checking card and not with a credit card. Integrating a checking card into a smartphone payment service takes more time. In Germany, initially, only credit and debit cards can be integrated into Apple Pay.

Cards are now being accepted in many places in this country

Cards are now being accepted in many places in this country

In the case of loans, the value is limited to 0.3 percentage points of the total payment; so far, it has sometimes been several percentage points. But also the penny fingers of the German economy – including the widely used discount stores such as Aldi, Lidl and Penny – changed their way after the regulation came into force and began to accept cards.

The switch to end devices that enable contactless payment via NFC radio has also progressed well. Germany is thus better equipped than many other countries to introduce a service like Apple Pay – at least the distribution of the acceptance points was affected.

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